Video & Film Crew

Professional DP/Cameraman

Looking for a professional cameraman? Northern Mountain Films specializes in professional, high quality cinematography. Our film crew:

David Rasmussen is an accomplished cinematographer with international experience, trained as a film lighting cameraman. David has over 25 years experience as a DP, videographer, and 16mm film cameraman shooting for major broadcasters and independent production companies. He works well with an on-location producer, but is equally comfortable and competent working independently with a shot list and remote producer. See the Credits and Bio pages for details.

Tyler Rasmussen rounds out Northern Mountain Films' film crew. He's worked as sound man, data and logistics manager, production assistant, or videographer, depending on the project.

A Montana Production Company

Complete Video Production

Northern Mountain Films also provides complete video production for local Montana businesses. DP/cinematographer David Rasmussen brings over two decades of experience as a cameraman to the Flathead Valley and Pacific Northwest. David and his son Tyler, video editor, work together, combining David’s experience as a director of photography with Tyler’s eye for editing to create a cohesive final product. Located in Whitefish, Montana, NM Films provides complete video production for a variety of video products, including web videos, advertisements, training videos and documentaries. Examples of our work can be found on the Reel page.


Northern Mountain Films provides the following categories of complete video production:

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