Video Production Credits

David’s work as a camera operator has taken him around the world to work on a wide range of video production projects. His experience includes four years as a corporate cinematographer for the Boeing company and twenty years as an independent videographer. Over the course of his career, David has garnered experience working on corporate projects, documentaries, adventure videos, music videos, TV commercials, training videos, and web videos. From filming ducks in the arctic and climbers on Mt. Everest to chasing police on drug busts, David’s work has always taken unexpected turns. The bulk of David’s work has taken the form of documentary cinematography. David was the primary camera operator for the BBC’s “Doctors in the Death Zone,” a two hour program about a team of 50 doctors studying hypoxia, lack of oxygen in the blood, while climbing Mt. Everest. Additionally, David has worked with other videographers on a variety of documentaries produced by the BBC and many independent video production companies. More recently, NM Films has begun producing web videos and advertisements for Montana companies.

In two and a half decades working as a camera operator and videographer David has accumulated the following video production credits:

NM Films Production Credits

"Drugs, Inc." National Geographic Television, Wall to Wall Productions, London.
"Rising Sun Bistro: Restaurant Impossible." Food Network, New York, NY.
“Everest; Doctors in the Death Zone.” (High altitude cameraman) BBC Horizon, London.
“Everest: Man v Mountain.” (High altitude cameraman) PCI Fitch, London.
“Corwin’s Quest.” Animal Planet/Discovery, Tigress Productions, Bristol, England.
“Modern Marvels; Mountain Roads.” History Channel/Actuality Productions, Los Angeles.
“America’s Wide Open Spaces.” Travel Channel/ Partisan Pictures, New York, NY.
“World Business Review.” Multi Media Productions USA, Boca Raton, FL.
“Life in the Undergrowth.” (David Attenborough sync) BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, England.
“Semicon West.” Semitool Corporation, Kalispell, MT.
“Journey of Life.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Everest Speed Expedition.” (High altitude director/cameraman) RAI Television, Italy.
“Flight.” Discovery Channel Canada, Toronto, Canada.
“Adoption.” Hallmark Entertainment, New York, NY.
“Mammals.” (David Attenborough sync) BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“A Call To Arms.” Stray Dog Films, Dublin, Ireland.
“Beasts on the Streets.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“America’s Most Wanted.” STF Productions, Inc. Washington, DC.
“Animal Talk.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Return of the Champions.” Jalbert Productions, New York, NY.
“Great Natural Wonders.” (David Attenborough sync) BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“The Hunt.” BBC Documentary Unit, London.
“Alex Lowe Memorial.” National Geographic Television.
“Shadows of the Sun.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Great Natural Travelers: Lewis and Clark.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“K2: Base Camp Series.” (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) National Geographic Television, Washington, DC.
“Violent Planet: Deluge.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Violent Planet: Inferno.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Wild Weather.” Pioneer Productions, Iver, Bucks, England.
“The Big Adventure Series.” VanDerKloot Film & TV, Atlanta, GA.
“Native Vision.” Big Idea Television, Washington, DC.
“Inside Edition: Evel Knievel.” King World Productions, New York, NY.
“Food Borne Diseases.” Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
“Girl on the Billboard: Wylie & the Wild West Show.” Music Video.
“Man-Eaters of India.” National Geographic Television, Washington, DC.
“Life of Birds: The Limits of Endurance.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Life of Birds: The Demands of the Egg.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.
“Keepers of the Crown.” Tullywinny Productions, Ltd., Northern Ireland.
“EPA.” National Productions, Washington, DC.
“Down Syndrome.” Command Post, Inc., New York, NY.
“Big Guns Talk.” Galen Films/ TNT, Vineyard Haven, MA.
“The Brain Eaters.” NOVA/ BBC Horizon, London.
“Going to the Sun.” Tullywinney Productions, Ltd..
“The Private Life of Plants.” BBC NHU, Bristol, England.


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