Cinematography Reel

Demo Reel: Doctors In The Death Zone

Doctors in the Death Zone: BBC Horizon hired David as high altitude cameraman to document the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition, a group of doctors researching the effects of a low oxygen environment on the human body. Motivated by the desire to help critically-ill hospital patients, many of whom suffer from hypoxia, the Caudwell physicians considered Everest’s thin atmosphere a perfect natural laboratory for extensive medical research.

Demo Reel: Man Vs. Mountain

British Ad Agency PCI Fitch selected David as high altitude cameraman for the British Army's Everest West Ridge Expedition. Using siege tactics, the expedition spent over a month climbing the near-vertical rock and ice of the French Spur before reaching the tip of the West Ridge at 24,000 feet. Eventually the summit team abandoned the climb due to deadly windslab avalanche conditions at 26,500 feet.


Video Production Reel

Demo Reel: Rocky Mountain Outfitter

Rocky Mountain Outfitter: David and Tyler combine their production skills to highlight RMO's friendly atmosphere for its company website.

Demo Reel: Montana 200 TV Commercial

Northern Mountain Films produced this TV commercial for Montana Raceway Park's 21st annual Montana 200 - the largest motorsport event in Montana.

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